Welcome to my website.Here is my interests & works site.

My name is Naoki Musaka.I live in Akita city Japan.Akita is comparatively cold in Japan but living people has a warm heart.
Another side,Akita area became famous for SAKE.It`s art of Japan.
But Akita become depopulated area every year.
We should look into the Akita`s future and suggest what do we should put on at Akita.
We are not able to do anything without change 10years later.

One of the interests,The convention of the SAKE opens on a fixed day.The SAKE has artistry of production process & deeply taste.It`s not too much to say that is Japan art.We opens the convention 4times in a year.In Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter.
We enjoy feeling the seasons and drinking.Looking over the expnds of rice field and the mountains.This time has precious for me.

My works,I`m doing a variety of operations by using Macintosh.Advertisment,Web,Movie...
I have the greater part of work by word of mouth.Because I`m only worker.But I think this is efficiency method for me just now.
It isn`t enough time to do so that I`m working another work in the daytime.
If you need my helping,I hope your contact.