home.jpgJapan beauty.It`s the culture & the spilits.
It is the first time that I think so I`m in junior highschool.My mother took me the umbrella colored red & made by wood.I felt it strangely because I`m man.
The man usualy like blue,black color.And another time,I wached the animeTV program,one of the hero weared red color uniform.Why are you red color?
I interested in color.And I understood that the red have been traditional color in Japan for long time.
By the way,Have you ever heared 『bushidou』?This is japanese spilits in the Modern Times.Taking the blame,BUSHI dead by HARAKIRI.
Simply speaking, they take the blame by his life.I like this manfully spilits.
Japan culture, for example kimono of clothes, washitu of room, ceramics of kitchin,sakura of flower...
It`s only Japan.
we have to protect this culture for our strong spilits.